I am Evangelina and this is going to be a random blog that is meant to express my self to the best of my capability. On the side it is going to have different tabs that open up different things I have written they are pretty self-explanatory.    The real intro is on the tab that says intro, and just in case you want to know about me I will give a brief explanation of who I am.

I am Eva I just turned 21  a few months ago, I have short light brown hair, big brown eyes ,  my face shape almost looks like a chibi anime characters face,  I am 5 ft 2 in, I weigh 130 lb.  I have annoyingly delicate skin though you would not know by looking at it.  I love to draw,  paint, and writing  as well as dance and ride my purple bicycle (its my baby).  I like to sew and knit  as well as doing my kickboxing videos and play fighting.  I love watching action movies and zombie movies but I’m not the greatest at watching scary movies.  I’m also both a romantic and a skeptic at the same time.

I am just me and you will learn more about me as you read my blog. I hope you like it and that you will comment.